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What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide is a cutting-edge medication that provides powerful benefits during weight loss. Imagine a medication that dramatically lessens your hunger, reduces the amount of food you want to eat, all while regulating your blood sugar, helping those carb cravings to go away. Semaglutide is just that medication!

Many find losing weight and sticking to new eating habits challenging. This powerful new tool can help alleviate some of this difficulty and help you achieve even better results.

The FDA has recently approved Semaglutide, a prescribed medication, for both Weight Loss and Diabetes. It mimics the effects of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), which increases insulin production, impacts blood sugar, and supports a healthy metabolism.

There are several expensive brand-named products, such as Ozempic and Wygovy, currently on the market. We are excited to now offer this same powerful medication in an affordable compounded version offering the same amazing benefits at a great price.

How Much Weight Can I Lose?

The amount of weight varies from patient to patient. We have seen in our office patients losing anywhere from 4-12 pounds the first month, and around 20-30 pounds within 3-4 months. These are averages, as each patient is specific. However, we have seen this work on everyone. 

Do I Need to Diet and Exercise?

We actually recommend patients not to diet or count calories. The beauty of Semaglutide is you can eat what you want! You just won’t be able to eat a lot of it. The secret is Glucagon. The injection provides a constant level of Glucagon in the body and you just simply don’t feel hungry, in fact, most patients feel full most of the time. 

The drug is designed to lose around 10% of your body weight doing nothing but the injections. However, when you reach that 10% mark and you still feel like you want to lose more, this is when we suggest doing light exercise. Such as walking or a favorite outdoor activity. There are many patients that reach their desired weight loss without doing any diet or exercise.

What Happens When I Lose The Weight I Want? What Happens Next? 

When a patient loses the desired amount of weight, we sit down and we figure out the next step. This typically depends on how long the patient has been on the injections. The goal is to maintain your weight within 5 lb’s of the desired weight goal. Often, what will happen is a patient might go on a low maintenance dose one injection per month or one injection twice a month. There are certain circumstances that will allow a patient to quit the injections cold turkey and still maintain their weight. These options will ultimately be discussed with the provider once your weight loss goal is achieved.

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